Thursday, October 9, 2008

Inter-Actions (2004)

For a period of approximately eight weeks prior to the installation of Inter-Actions, students at Western Michigan University daily recorded interactions they remember having that day on one of three colored sheets of paper. Each color (red, blue, and yellow) represented three categories of motivation: kindness, fear, and anger. Students determined which category best represented each of the interaction they described. The accumulated mass of balled up paper was stacked as columns in the three planters located in the inner courtyard of the Art, Education and Psychology departments’ building.

This project is intended to make tangible the interactions that occur between individuals and the relational space and discourse that exist between the intrapsychic and the interpersonal. The manner in which we engage with others involves a complex matrix of multiple and contradictory motives. In everyday life, more often then not, these interactions go unexamined and are quickly forgotten. Central to this project will be a reconsideration of those interactions. Interactions was conceived and executed in collaboration with Karen Bondarchuk, Foundations Coordinator, Western Michigan University.

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